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What Ojise Means


Ojise means messenger in Yoruba, a name associated with consciousness and spirituality. According to tradition, Ojise provides insight into events and how you can live and grow together. People therefore remain united as one.

Ojise has a lot of knowledge to share about the rich African cultural heritage, contemporary issues and solutions.

Ojise is an African name that sounds the same in almost every language.

Our Emblem

Our logo contains 7 symbols with a message.

We recognize and honor that Africa is the birthplace of our ancestors and all civilizations in the world.

We live in harmony with the wisdom of our ancestors, spirituality, our fellow human beings and nature.

We draw inspiration from the creative and connecting forces of life, and African insights and traditions.

We use Ma'Ats affirmations to do the right thing in every situation and stage of life. We are an example in this.

We realize how important it is to strengthen our community in the long term to preserve our heritage.

We look to the wisdom of our ancestors for knowledge, inspiration and solutions. This is how we make progress.

We do everything we can to perpetuate Africa, our cultural heritage and our community.

Ojise, Messenger To All Africans In The Diaspora.

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