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Our activities throughout the year.

  • Sharing information

  • Ojise Academy

  • Coaching

  • Exhibitions

  • Excursions


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Get a better understanding of

who you are and what you can do.

You are therefore standing


Sharing Information

Lectures, newsletter, social media & website.

About our activities, plans and important developments.

We highlight specific themes that are important.

Ojise organizes a lecture at least 1 time per quarter.

Go in conversation with speakers, writers and researchers.


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Ojise Academy

Learn to think and act better as an African.

   - Mental Power

   - Time To Time

   - Melanin Spirit

   - Building Families

   - Building Teams

   - Future Leaders

The courses are interactive, online and in class.


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Learn to use your talents and be resilient.

Coaching is an ideal way to become stronger as a person.

Get better insight into your motivations and habits.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of themes based on an African vision of life.

You will be guided every step of the way.

You are making a plan for the future.


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Take a look at the African diaspora.

Image and objects that represent African art, history and current issues from an African perspective.

We tell the 'the whole story' behind the displayed images and art objects.


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Visit to places of interest. To discover together.

There are countless places, sights and museums with beautiful African cultural heritage. By being on the spot you literally come into contact with our culture.

Ojise organizes excursions several times a year. Some of them are online.


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