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Top List Books

Writers talk about African greatness and the timeline of our diaspora. Learn about raising awareness. Take a journey through personal experiences from then and now.


When We Ruled | Robin Walker

ISBN 9780955106804

Depicts the 'black history': the emergence of civilization in the Nile Valley, the greatness of Kemet (later Egypt) and the empires of West Africa.


The African Origin of Civilization | Cheikh Anta Diop

ISBN 9781556520723

This book presents historical, archaeological, and anthropological evidence for the uncontested findings that Kemet, later Egypt, was the world's first civilization.


Gezegend en Vervloekt | Djehuti-Ankh-Kheru

ISBN 9789074897761

A history of greater Africa. From the cradle of civilization to the third millennium. How and why Africa's contribution has been falsified and concealed.


Roofstaat | Ewald van Vugt

ISBN 9789038801278

What every Dutch person should know. Interesting, radical rewriting of Dutch history and the Dutch role in slavery.


Wij Slaven van Suriname | Anton de Kom

ISBN 9789025433895

The book is a literary masterpiece, personal and general historiography as well as a fierce indictment of racism and exploitation.


Hoe Diep Zit De Pijn? | Sanne van der Most

ISBN 9789490608705

What has 150 years of abolition of slavery brought us? Personal stories of Afro-Dutch people about emigration, living in the Netherlands and their commitment to the community.


Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome | Joy DeGruy

ISBN 9780985217204

The psychological and emotional impact on Africans in the diaspora, after the horrific crossing and more than 500 years of slavery, colonialism and all forms of oppression.


A Companion to African Philosophy | Kwasi Wiredu

ISBN 9781405145671

A comprehensive overview of African philosophy. The traditions and culture through the ages. Precolonial African philosophy and contemporary political thought.

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