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Becoming aware

of you being African

5 Important  Steps 

5 Important 


Notice Discomfort

You increasingly realize that the ideas and behavior of others are not always in your favor. Others often judge you solely on your appearance and origins. Your talents, progress and self-esteem are therefore snowed under. It prevents you from living life with full force. You are dissatisfied with this and want improvement.


What do you actually know about yourself? Do you know and appreciate the origins of your (ancestor) parents? Are you aware of the rich African cultural heritage that you share with them? How do friendships, family, colleagues and the media influence you? Do you feel sufficient self-esteem, self-confidence and pride? What is the sum of all these insights?

Acknowledge To Be Different

Embrace the realization that you are allowed to be different because you are originally an African. In your 'being African' you are equal compared to others. Feel part of a large community of people who are like you. You share with them a beautiful origin, strong identity and rich cultural heritage.

Organize your life differently

You are ready for adjustments in all areas of life. From now on, you will always take your African origins and identity as a starting point. Therefore, only think, do, say and feel what makes you stronger. In this way, strengthen your identity, personal growth and position in society. Always express your African identity with pride.

Persevere & Inspire

You will have to relearn a lot. Letting go of the old sometimes feels uncomfortable. Relationships with others can also change. Hang in there and don't give up! It helps to talk about the challenges you experience. Also realize that there are many others who need to become more aware. See how you can support them. Be proud!

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