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Research on
My origins
Completes the puzzle

Africans attach great importance to knowing your origins.
Slavery disrupted that tradition.

Family tree research

Who are your ancestors?


Research at the municipal civil affairs department, in slave registers and in boxes 'in the attic' helps to gain insight. It is also good to have conversations with parents, uncles, aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers.


Sources Family tree research

Civil Affairs department

Slave registers

Attic finds

Family Conversations

Which family in the city or on the plantation?
Which region, people or tribe in Africa?

DNA research

Your bloodline unraveled


During slavery we are 'mingled'. But the DNA of the birthplace of our ancestors is still in us.

DNA research provides insight into which region, people or tribe our roots lie.


Sources of DNA research

Home Family

Family Relatives

Caribbean Area

African Peoples

Need Help With Research?

My Name, My Roots

Realize that your roots are in Africa.

Taking an African name strengthens identity.

Family tree research provides insight into our family line.

DNA Research tells us where our roots lie in Africa.

Isihlahla saziwa ngezithelo zaso

a tree can be recognized by its fruits



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